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O.P.M. Records was brought to life in 1995 by John Haupt and Jim Cranford. Their intention was to bring rare or previously unreleased metal items to collectors and maniacs all around the world. These reissues were being released in small quantities of 750 or less handnumbered items. Unfortunately, they are no longer existent.

How do you choose the bands you feature?

Well, from a lot of different ways. But in the end we both have to like it and want to put it out.

There are thousands of collectors all around the world. Why do you just release amounts of 750 or less?

As a collector the thing you want is a record that will go up in value. So a limited press is the best thing. We are trying to put out records that people will like musically and then again will go up in price over time.

Are you ever going to release some items as CDs or Picture Discs?

Not at this time but who knows what the future holds for OPM.

Why do you never include lyrics with your releases?

Most of the time we put together a package the band wants and if they don't have lyrics then they are not there. Our new release Demonax will have Lyrics. It's really up to the band.

You release just unknown/forgotten stuff. What do you think of all those rereleases even of average albums?

They are all good, But not what we want to do. OPM is just trying to put out stuff that is not already out on vinyl. Now yes some of the records we put out have been on vinyl in the past but we have added unreleased songs and different artwork to all of them.

What experiences did you make with collectors / fans from Germany / allover the world?

They are ALL great, we have been very happy with the way people have responded to OPM and things we are trying to do.

Where do you get most orders from?

Japan / Germany

Your 5 all time faves? Why?

This would be way to hard to do. We both have different tastes, NWOBHM, US POWER METAL, 70'S HARD ROCK/METAL, JUST EVERYTHING.

When and how did you start listening to metal?

I grow up in NY in the early 80's and that is all that was there. I had at least 40 metal bands in my small town. it was GREAT!!!!

Are you also a collector? If yes, how many items do you have?

No I know longer collect sorry. I did in the 80's and early 90's but gave them all up. Jim still collects and has a VERY large collection.

Do you know any rare-as-hell items nobody else knows???


Any funny story concerning O.P.M. Records?

Yes. But I just don't have enough time to explain them all. Records are a Crazy thing.

Any "famous last words"?

We would just like to thank everyone who have supported us over the years and look forward to serving you all in the future. "The one who dies with the most toys wins!"

List of releases

OPMR 1000 Deuce - Same LP 1997
OPMR 1001 MX - Same LP 1998
OPMR 1002 Roc Lochner - Same LP 1998
OPMR 001 Iron Head - Second to None 7" 1998
OPMR 1003 Armed Forces - Same LP 1998
OPMR 1004 Commandment - Engraved in Stone LP 1998
OPMR 1005 Iron Cross - Same 2-LP 2000
OPMR 1006 Apollo Ra - Ra Pariah LP 2000
OPMR 1007 Dervish - Some Monsterism LP 2001
OPMR 1008 Demonax - Same LP 2001
OPMR 1009 Powersurge - Snow God LP 2001
OPMR 1010 Frigid Bich - Anger, Attitude, Anarchy 10" 2003
OPMR 1011 Powersurge - Targeted for Termination LP 2003
OPMR 1012 Minotaur - 83 - 87 LP 2005
OPMR 1013 Powersurge - Snowgod LP 2002
OPMR 1014 Storm Queen - Come silent the World LP 2006

Interview done by Stefan Wille in 2001.