ZZYZX - Runnin

Label/DistributionBlack Wax
Musical styleHard Rock
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


The fact that this record is a Pic MLP (with PS, one side black, other side showing a bandpic) already let a suspicion rise inside of me and indeed now since I'm the owner it's like expected, Erika Records manufactured the record. But in which way they were further involved in the whole distribution process I can't tell. I'd like to get a complete catalogue of all 80's records they did release and manufacture etc...anyways, back to ZZYZX. "Runnin" just features AOR-ish Hard Rock that sounds possibly softer due to the immense use of keyboards and the whole sound also appears pretty thin. Nothing for the heavy fraction in other words. Ah yeah there's a chick singing, but nothing of importance. The usual weak "Gewimmer", not a serious reason to search for this poppish record, especially not for the price it usually reaches. If you want to throw your money out of the window...

Tell me now
Broken hearts
Hold on
On and on
Sway the night away
The war

Created / updated: 2011-05-01