Zish: Original sin

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoComes with insert.
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


I remember this record a few years ago cost around 150 $, but times changed and I've nowadays seen quite a few copies selling at around 30 $. Still I can't really understand that price collaps as it actually looks like the crap records cost more and more while the few really good private US Metal albums (basically US Metal is much too overrated) get cheaper and cheaper. However, not my problem and for those tired of again having spent 70 bucks for average Glam shit might try out these ZISH. They consist of at least 3 family members while one of them being the female co-singer Enza Cupani Scott, who owns one of the best voices in female Metal genre. Her brother who's the original lead singer and sung on the majority of the trax doesn't sound much worse I swear!
But I'm really happy he'd let his sister sing on trax like "Hecate" and "Beyond the miles"! Except of "Wearin' down the road" (with R'n'R touch) and the listenable ballad "The next time" all other trax do offer quite enjoyable melodic Heavy Metal with some entertaining twin leads and great solo guitar work, while the whole songwriting could be considered above average. Soundwise there's a rough production giving the album the needed heavyness. I'd say you can't make much wrong while getting your hands on the LP, 2 great vocalists, earworm songs ... and those who are still hesitatin', a friend ripped his LP so you might find soundsamples on youtube. Get it before the price is getting up again!

It takes time
Wearin' down the road
Pleasant valley sunday
Beyond the miles
The other side
The next time

Created / updated: 2013-06-30