Young Turk: Do you know where your daughters are?

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoComes with insert
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Did anyone know this record? Another band you can't find any info about and according to the crappy band name you don't know what to do in the end. The cover doesn't says too much about their musicial finesse either apart from the small band pic showing 4 long haired party boys. Luckily these Florida c..tstretchers hit the mark with their only vinyl and offer enjoyable Party Metal comparable to softer LUST (not 666% reaching their class), WARMINISTER (definitely better!!!) or DIZZY BITCH with some killer solos. Guess with better vocalist they'd sound still heavier than they are already do. He had his best moments when he's trying to get higher which does not happen too often. Apart of "Party time" (awful song like late 80's AEROSMITH...bääh) the record released on the private looking Beergoggle Records label features more than listenable heavy Poser Metal while the ballad "Winter nights" reminds me just to L.A. Glam Metallers AMPAGE's fantastic track "D-Day". Shouldn't be too expensive but hard to find. If seen cheap just take it, you won't regret. Nice find...

Just keep on running away
Calling for you
Winter nights
Take a chance
Party time

Created / updated: 2011-01-17