Xinr: Beyond woodward

Musical styleHeavy Metal
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0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


Xinr are another local group far beyond a bangers knowledge who are more or less (un)known for the only vinyl appearance during their extremely short existence (They didn't even survive the same year 1984 they've found together.) with the track "Ever present angel" on the "Pacific Metal Project" Compilation released in 1985 when the band already was history due to the tragic motorcycle accident that forced two of their members to meet their maker alot earlier than usually planned, getting a little bit of a long expected respect by the Metal crowd, especially of those who like it obscure. Everyone who liked "Ever present angel" and was positively surprised by the overwhelming Cirith Ungol influence and the slightly Mark Shelton vocals during it's refrain will find something new to listen to with "Beyond woodward". The Manilla Road flair is sadly missed in this album but once again they can easily hold the standard of albums like "Frost and fire" or "King of the dead" coz that's exactly what the material on "Beyond woodward" does sound like. Even if 90 % of you might shout the vocals of Tim Baker are outstanding and not reproducable, listen to Xinr and you'll get serious problems to keep that open mouth closed. Besides the over all throning Cirith Ungol touch there's a slightly Black Sabbath and of corpse mainly 70's feeling on the most tracks as well, but everything you need to know is that "Beyond woodward" could be the second official Cirith Ungol LP released between "Frost and fire" and "King of the dead" with certain tracks to check out for sure like "Ever present angel", "Fight the dragon", "All hallows eve" or my personal fave, the epic banger "The ghostly galleon". I've also noticed that most of the trax seems to concentrate on christian themes which combined with the name Xinr (X-Sinner) makes me thinking about a White or at least pro-christian Metal band.
The last 2 tracks "Fight the dragon" and "The devils gone" were taken from Cruella's "Vengeance is mine" LP whose guitarist was one and the same like in Xinr - Roger DeCarlo.

Ever Present Angel
Fight the Dragon
Evil Apple
Don't Tell me No Lies
In Limbo
The Hills Have Eyes
The Ghostly Galleon
All Hallows Eve
The Devil's Gone
Fall to the Prey
My Revolution (Live)
Beyond Belief: Poem by Tony Saiz
Fight the Dragon
The Devil's Gone

Created / updated: 2011-01-17