Whyte Lyte: New York 5 A.M.

Label/DistributionEarly Riser/Private
Musical styleHard Rock, Progressive Rock
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


I had quite high expectations here due to the pretty awesome cover artwork and logo but the disappointment was even higher. The style that this band offers is quite unbearable for most of the Hard Rock/Metal fans as there are elements of Jazz, Hard Rock and Prog Rock creating a strange fusion of sound and you never know if to like WHYTE LYTE or to hate them. For example "Vision" is a listenable track in the 70's QUEEN Art Rock manner and Hard Rock sound while the most of the other tracks let them appear as a classic big band with Hard Rock guitars. The vocalists do not sound that convincing either, so I really have to urge you to take a listen first as I'm sure that you will not like "New York 5 A.M." (especially not the B-side felt 100 min sucker "Suite for the children") coz it's a strange, really strange brew ...

Hi-Tech Dolly
Scarlet dreams (Feb. 21st)
Seventh Avenue
New York 5 A.M.
Suite for the children:
a) A mother cries out for her lost child
b) And it feels so good!
c) Wait a minute
d) Eternal daylight
e) Why wait?

Created / updated: 2012-11-17