Warminister: Out of the ashes

Label/DistributionScamrock Music
FormatCD, LP
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoLyrics printed on inner sleeve
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Martial sounding band name, fantastic cover and sleeve, Steel Assassin alike band pic, so what's to expect? Typical commercially influenced US Metal with strong poser tendencies naturally, did you think Power Metal??? I always have a good laugh when I see this baby selling at ebay for what it sells for and I absolutely do not feel sorry for the poor buyer who was just too stupid to download this album from any blog and listen first before paying a little fortune for that average "shit". The only track that's worth at least a part of the cash is "Get started", a speedy Power Metal grenade in typical US manner and really that's it. That was "Out of the ashes". Besides the poor balled "With you all along" (very smart, a band called Warminister playing love songs...) there are just the 2 pounding "Out of the ashes" and "We rock to rock" that are so disgustingly L.A. Metal influenced that you need a 2 hours THE UNSANE cure to get that insane winking out of your eyes. I hope those who play with the idea to pay money for this record and still are convinced to need it will pre-listen now. It would be a smart turn. I fairly must mention that these guys have been pretty good musicians and there are some hot solos featured, but even this fact can't help them anymore.

Eine nette 4-Song-Mini haben War Minister mit "Out of the Ashes" im Programm. Herausragend dabei ist der Opener und Titeltrack, der sich durch eine schöne Melodyline und einen mehrstimmigen Ohrwurmrefrain auszeichnet. Nicht allzu hart sind die Jungs zu Werke gegangen, auch eine Ballade hat Platz gefunden, ist aber nicht übermäßig gut. Auch das Cover animiert nicht unbedingt zum Kauf, musikalisch geht das Werk aber durchaus in Ordnung.

Out of the ashes
We rock to rock
Get started
With you all along

Created / updated: 2011-03-27
Stefan Wille