Visitör: Same

Musical stylePower Metal
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Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


One of the best Power Metal items I ever heard! Rare as hell, this CD is god's gift to all you Power Metal freaks out there! 10 pounding monsters just to blast your head off! Clear production, great voice, great songs - no more words needed.
But don't get it wrong: it's not pure Thrash or Speed you'll hear, but controlled insanity, maybe comparable to POWERMAD! Just listen to "Visitör" and you'll know what I mean! A MUST!!!

KILLER!!! This is Power Metal but with Thrash Metal "charm". I really don't know why Visitor didn't make it huge but I definitivly know that I like this stuff alot! All songs are equally great, "short" and straightforward with "in-your-face" attitude. Vocals are awesome! Very dark, powerful and "thrashy". Non typical for power metal I'd say. Guitars are fantastic (all riffs, solos and melodic parts) and rhythm section suits perfect to the rest of the band (the sound of drums in the begining of "America's Demise" is totally unbelievable!). Lyrics are serious but easy to remember and dealing with things like pollution, (un)justice, politics etc.

This album rules from the beginning to the end and some of the highlight moments include chorus in "America's Demise" (very cool and very catchy and makes me wanna smile of joy!), bass line in "Beast Within" (aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggghhh!!!), lyrics in "Enviromental Impact" ("our new technology looks so cool but look what it's done ENVIROMENTAL IMPACT!), guitar work in title track (totally mindblowing!), acoustic intro in "Dreams" etc. so don't waste your time, get this monster and PLAY IT LOUD!!! (Vladimir)

1. P.I.T.
2. Environmental impact
3. Visitör
4. Dreams
5. Beast within
6. Thunderboltz
7. America's demise
8. Johnny law
9. Innocent (until proven guilty)
10. Wardance

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Stefan Wille