Valiant: Never ending scheme of love

Label/DistributionRocks Off
Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infoNo PS?
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Well possible that there's a chick singing here, hard to say, but the vocalist sounds rather female in my ears. But doesn't matters much as the quality is definitely high, in case you like epic Hard Rock with early Metal tendencies, though the Metal influence is almost higher than the Hard Rock one on "Never ending scheme of love". What's funny is that if you take the first part of "Never ending scheme of love" and the second (solo) part of "Don't ever change" you'd get an outstanding track, the perfect Epic Metal tune of your dreams as both songs are made off the same scheme, 1 part sounding little bit "untypical" like the solo part of "Never ending scheme of love" while on "Don't ever change" the first part has kinda funky beat in the beginning but turns with the solo into epic Hard Rock again, and that solo is a real earfucker! Don't know what to say, you need to get it really. The money will be well invested I swear ... still to add all copies I've seen yet did not have a picture sleeve.

Never ending scheme of love
Don't ever change

Created / updated: 2012-10-28