Urban Vault: My soul to take

Musical stylePower Metal
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0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


While Florida’s own BRAT besides of an extremely rare 7EP never made any vinyls and slowly perished in the mid 80’s, it’s members didn’t gave up and were later found in other bands. Besides playing with new bands former BRAT bassist John Urban formed a kinda project called URBAN VAULT together with capable musicians from the area such as Mike Sacco and Bruce Batten (both former BRAT axeman) and Glenn Enriquez of ARGUS and tried to continue where BRAT once stopped. The result is this CDR, containing a 4 track recording from 1985, recorded at the Morrissound Studio. What’s to expect? Glammy Metal hoping for some hitparade places? Hell nooo! What you get is straight Florida Power Metal with malignant aura, hymnic, nasty, headbang compatible and Metal to the bone! I have no clue why John was hiding the recording all these years, but it was a mistake. The velvet Epic Metal hammer Throw away the key is my personal favorite, although it’s hard to find a winner amoung the first 3 tracks. It has something special that makes me thinking of a cross of SALEM’S WYCH (The neverending battle) and CRIMSON GLORY. Criminal mind might be interesting for HELSTAR fans, but take this just as a stylistical hint due to it’s gallopping and technical soul. Vocalist Dee Ceist reminds me partly to Mike Vescera, but the whole track has a dark, wicked touch, driving power steel which leads us to number 3 Born under the northern star, another classic, very rhythmic power banger with cool vocal lines and remark-able refrain. Alone Road warrior stands a bit behind these 3 with a kinda R’n’R influenced backbone, but also JUDAS PRIEST touch (especially vocals). The CDR comes signed and handnumbered by John Urban, limited to 100 copies which you can buy from Ebay, CD Baby or John himself.

Criminal mind
Throw away the key
Born under the northern star
Road warrior

Created / updated: 2011-01-17