Twilight Odyssey: same

Musical styleHeavy Metal
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0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


Maybe first you will be surprised to hear a female voice on this album. Usually true 80s Metal sounding stuff is sung by men, but in this case you will be remembered on the legendary voices of great 80s singers like Kim La Chance, Jutta Weinhold, Doro Pesch or Leather Leone. The music is US-Metal, but more melodic and catchy as a lot of stuff from the U.S. so also listeners who are mostly into European Metal should check it out. I would compare it with CHASTAIN's 80s albums. Of course this is enough said to make every 80s Metal-fan greedy on the album, but lets have a last word about the songs itself. There are some very fine songs which will show you how inevitable this album is for a Metalfan. Some of my favourites are "Plaza de Toros" and "Near dark" but there's much more great to find on this very nice piece of Metal.

Das ist mal eine schöne Überraschung. Guter US-Metal mit Frauengesang ist ja nicht gerade häufig. TWILIGHT ODYSSEY sind episch, haben gute Melodien, klingen nicht nach Tralala-Italien-Metal und begeistern aus diesen Gründen jeden, der auch mit Sängerinnen der Güteklasse Kim La Chance, Jutta Weinhold, Leather Leone oder Doro Pesch etwas anfangen kann. Viel mehr muß ich glaube ich nicht sagen. Wer jetzt nicht zugreift ist selbst schuld.

Plaza de Toros
Zero hour
Near dark
Under the black flag
The endless days of a stranger
Onward to the games
The new queen
Gift of the southern oracle

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Stefan Riermaier