Trilogy: Songs for a Rock and Roll night

Musical styleHard Rock
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3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


I'd love to label this album early Heavy Metal but bad voices would immediately throw in "... but most of the songs are just Hard Rock!". And I couldn't even say "You're wrong ..", to be honest it's hard to label TRILOGY's style because they mixed influences from both styles combined with an heavy as fuck Metal production. And the Hard Rock edge just was being possible due to their love to play that R'n'R pregnanted Heavy rock style like WASP for example are known for. Songs like "Final letter" or "The highway song"/"Endless dream" (epic!!) are for sure Metal. Even the mystic keyboards used on some of the songs made this album sounding even better and more epic. Guitar solos belong to the sort of being called exciting and vocals are perfect as well. You need to hear it yourself to judge it, it's not impossible. The band's still selling copies and the price is by far less than the copies that turned up on ebay recently. The perfect album for those who like that early Metal/Hard Rock mix, for my taste it's perhaps more Metal than Hard Rock but however this would turn into an endless discussion. Very powerful album ...     

Let's Rock
Immigrant Song
Songs for a Rock and Roll Night
Final Letter
Endless Dream
The Highway Song
She's My Baby
Rock and Roll Woman
One More Chance

Created / updated: 2011-11-07