Toximia: War

Musical styleThrash Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Really not that easy to find this record nowadays, guess it never was at all. Kiva Records? What else they've released? Don't have a clue at all, the label was based in New York just like Toximia(Brooklyn). Maybe by some of you's ringing a bell when they read the name Sal Asbrucato (their drummer)? He got "famous" later with Life of Agony although I don't have a clue how he could join that group while playing earlier in a rude act like Toximia? I've been searching for this record like a madman in the mid/later 90's after I recieved a dub via tape trading and found it listed in John Allinson's "Heavy Metal - The Vinyl Years" book. Right after I got my internet connection in 2000 I naturally started searching at ebay and wuuusssshhhh...1 $ offer that I luckily won at that price. Thrash records have never been that wanted by collectors which was my luck. The seller seemed to be pissed off too but what could he do? I forced my record from him!Toximia somehow must have been obsessed by Carnivore I believe. Almost everything reminds me to the thermonuclear Brooklyn Thrash warriors, may it be their sound, their style, their nuclear war image or the vocals! It's somehow unbelievable how 2 bands can sound that close to each other. Try "Radiation sickness" or "Mammoth" and your mouth will open wiiiide! I truly love this record as I love Carnivore. "War" is a pure underground gem that everyone into Thrash Metal/Crossover MUST own! Check out the band's website for song samples and complete demos/liveshows too!

There's a problem
Death of a soldier
Radiation sickness
The survivor

Created / updated: 2011-01-17