The Rattlers: Snakebitten

Musical styleHard Rock
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


This is the New Jersey band with that name, which is important because there are 2 bands from the northern east coast being called THE RATTLERS and this was also the reason why the bands name was crossed out on the cover by one of the band members. Right after the records were made they found out there's another band sharing their name so they changed their name to THE DIAMONDBACK BAND immediately but I've also seen another copy without the Gekritzel on the cover so not all copies got desecrated this way by them. My bad was just that I got a signed copy so to speak. However, it's nothing to die for, in places typical Hard Rock while the other 50 % are just terrible Rock music (like the 70's british R'n'R crap that some sellers do offer as NWOBHM). To get in detail, the title track and "Everybody rocks" are pretty nice Hard Rock, but more that late 70's stuff (not pompish!) with strong Boogie edge but not as much as on the other songs. The opener and "# 1 Man" are total suckers! In other words 3 Hardrockers only but with powerful sound and listenable solos. There won't be much people to like THE RATTLERS so better think twice, although this is just a 15 $ record. Don't pay more!

New York, New York
Snake bitten
Room 1009
Everybody rocks
# 1 Man

Created / updated: 2011-11-07