The Lie: The truth is in

Musical styleMelodic Metal
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Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


The labels address is the same like the fan club/management address. Guess you know what it means, that record of THE LIE from New York must be a private pressing. Haven't seen it before and therefore it's quite surprising to find a still sealed copy in Germany for a few Euros only. I've been thinking all the time what their vocalist reminds me to besides the obviously Ronnie James Dio style vocals there was something more hidden and right now I finally got it. Blackie Lawless (incl. the choruses)! A cross of Dio and Blackie sums it up! Moreover "The letter" and "All of your love" are showing strongly WASPish songwriting similarities. Together with the opener "That's alright" and "Rock in a hard place" they are heaviest and most Metal sounding songs on the album, melodic influences but typical US Metal. The rest of the songs are more or less Hard Rockish with that usual R'n'R influence (just like WASP). All in all the term Melodic Metal would do it for me. The vocalist has a pretty comfortable voice and knows what to do with it. Musicially they are a cross of Metal and Hard Rock, sometimes heavier, sometimes more R'n'R-ish but always concentrating on catchy songwriting with many melodic guitar parts. I'd say this record is a nice addition to anyone's US Metal collection and those who like softer WASP.

That's alright
The letter
All of your love
Vette Song
Since you walked out on me
Rock in a hard place
Baby won't you stay
The way you dance
Saturday night
About you

Created / updated: 2011-01-17