The Horde of Torment: Inherit the sin

Label/DistributionS.A. Bucher
Musical styleThrash Metal
Additional infoSame songs on both sides, gatefold paper cover
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


This little rare vinyl contains the bands last demo recorded in October 1990 and was made by their european manager who already published their fullenght "Produt of a sick mind". Naturally the rude Crossover/Thrash attitude of the late 80's is gone here but in case of The Horde of Torment it was really a step forward (which does not mean that I didn't enjoy their earlier material) into a more varied 666% Hardcore free Thrash Metal. They prove that 90's Thrash Metal doesn't have to sound like the shit that bands such as Testament, Exodus, Slayer etc dictated the youth back then but even midpaced oriented songwriting can sound very fresh and raw. You can even find some "melodic influences" especially in the killer guitar solo parts where THOT show what excellent musicians they are. "Alive within" will blow you away! But don't get me wrong, it's not a constantly stupid midtempo riffing, they're switching from classic Thrash parts in the vein of Anialator's "Fatal decision" from the "Felicide" MLP to the more groovy Mosh stuff (not modern sounding!) and surprisingly "Inherit the sin" doesn't suffers from that at all. A 90's Thrash mini album that I can recommend to every Thrasher without exception! I'm surprised myself...
The "cover" is just a gatefold paper sheet and on the flipside you'll find a kinda poster with the motive of the "Product..." album cover.

Inherit the sin
Alive within
Pain asylum

Created / updated: 2011-01-17