The Coup de Grace: Same

Label/DistributionRed Decibel
Musical styleThrash Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!

Review of the most strange Thrash albums that I know... Avantgarde Thrash Metal? New style? If you find this LP at any box there's surely no hint that it might contain some thrashy Metal at all. But Thrash Metal doesn't really fit here, kinda thrashy Power Metal with some Thrash parts (don't know their demo but they've been for sure a pure Thrash band earlier - just take "Bombs away" that also appeared on their demo => straight forward US Thrash) as well as some pretty uncomfortable Funk influences as heard in "Sad but true" or "All of the above" f.e. where pure Thrash meets some experimental proggy crap that absolutely does not fit together. And these kinda attempts to sound avantgarde are spread over the whole album. If I'd have to mention a band that sounds similar then I'd yell late 80's METALLICA with vocals of Whiplash's Glenn Hansen would perfectly fit. When they just could get rid off these weird psycho need to check them out before buying although that record isn't that expensive. Prog/Modern Thrashers will like them for sure. I prefer the "Bombs away" or "'Til the bitter end" stuff much more but such material is rarely featured on "The Coup de Grace". Quite unknown album in the Thrash scene but surely not underrated!

Daylight Dawning
Burning With Optimism
Sad But True
Bombs Away
Me, Myself and I
'Til the Bitter End
All of the Above
Barbed Wire
So Be It

Created / updated: 2011-01-17