The Bratz: One

Label/DistributionCave Dwelling
Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infoComes with insert
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


A classic US Glam/Pop Metal album is what these 4 guys from Colorado left us with "One" (prohably their only album either) and I bet on stage they'd been much heavier sounding than on this polished sounding studio recording. I think with a different (means more wicked sounding) vocalist it would spread even a bit more Metal feeling than these more or less girlish tunes. The guitar work isn't that bad and during the solos they even enter classic Melodic Metal area. Once again the keyboards are sadly a bit too much, but surprisingly "Hold on", the only track written by their keyboarder Gregg Steele, turns out to be the heaviest and also best song on the album. Surely nothing to be bought by die-hard Metalheads but the softies amoung you will for sure have their fun. As aforementioned, the nice guitar work saves them!

Round and round
Give me some time
Save my life
Tell me why
Hold on
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Created / updated: 2012-02-20