Tangram: Take it from the top

Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infoNo PS
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Hm...the name Bob Rock turns up in the songwriter notes of 2 tracks...though was he from Connecticut where the band was hailing from? I don't know...maybe a different Bob Rock? Doesn't matters at all, does it? TANGRAM remind me a bit to early NWOBHM hybrids mixing Prog, Hard Rock and early Metal with a huge melodic background and little 70's touch. You see there's a bit of everything to find in this superb 4 tracker. For example "What ever happened" partly shows similarities to the eastgerman Hard Rock legend BERLUC on their debut plus NWOBHM twin leads, though it's a softer number while the title track is typical melodic US Hard Rock, a rough rocker though. On the flipside "Making love" sounds like any unknown ETHEL THE FROG tune from 1980, in the vein of their "What ever happened to love", totally NWOBHM inspired and the heaviest fucker on the EP for sure! And "Changing for you" appears softer again, but very catchy and the melodic guitar work just rules. A nice piece for NWOBHM collectors but once again as rare as gold.

Take it from the top
What ever happened
Making love
Changing for you

Created / updated: 2011-01-17