Suburban Death Trip: Psychodelic Discore

Musical styleCrossover
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Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


That cover artwork just looks insane and surely animates alot of people to try the SUBURBAN DEATH TRIP in the hope it might be some undiscovered Thrash act, but, and I guess everyone will agree, it was clear right at the beginning that they just could be another local Crossover band. The only band that comes to my mind to compares these psychos with is NO EMPATHY, but not their thrashier songs, just the rest of the "Nothing less than nothing at all" LP. Punk Metal would be correct to describe their very primitive style that's somewhere between Punk, HC and Metal having a Thrash Metal demo sound, (but sadly not style) with a few fast tracks and mostly midpaced songwriting that at places appears quite ok if you're into the punky Metal stuff. The thing making these guys standing out of the rest of these kinda bands are the crazy vocals of P.J. Partyhead. Absolutely penetrating and nasty voice that sounds like the early GREAT KAT if you know what I mean. I never heard someone "singing" like him before and I bet 8 out of 10 people won't stand him at all. For goat's sake, if you're not into Punk Metal with HC edge then don't buy this record. It has minor thrashy parts and is just a typical underground Crossover album coming directly out of the gutter. The band later quit but re-united without P.J. Partyhead and released another LP under the name of S.D.T. (now called Sonic Disruption Theory) but this one offers just a R'n'R influenced Alternative/Punk/Metal mix without any inspiration. I'd hardly suggest anyone to try this one at all. The cover has the Metal looking S.D.T. logo on a red background and you should run away whenever you behold this one!

Eating axes
Slow song
New song #2
Lies again
Fourth Reich
Erika's song
I lost
Say no
Thanx boss
Break Dance
Do what you want

Created / updated: 2011-01-17