Street Legal: Same

Label/DistributionMajor Label
Musical styleGlam Rock
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


One of the harder to find Glam Metal vinyls, and even a good one (No, I don't like that style, but I need to stay objective.). Four beauties looking like the stage roadies (or stunt doubles) of TWISTED SISTER and "Wake the neighbors" indeed is starting exactly like "We're not gonna take it"! "If looks could kill" on the other hand somehow leaves a "Jump"-ish aftertaste, slightly heavier of corpse (but not much). The only true Metal song on the record is "We rest our case" (typical US Metal with almost melodic Power Metal hints) and this track pretty much sounds completely different to the rest, like it was written years before the Girlie stuff. As already mentioned, it's positive "Pink" Metal, which means the band plays solid, when also pretty soft but perhaps the poppy production is guilty for that? Here and there the Metal edge shines thru and songwriting, solos and vocals are more than listenable. Wish to hear it with a demo production.

She's hot
If looks could kill
Wake the neighbors
We rest our case

Created / updated: 2011-07-31