Stranglers Of Bömbay: Lonely women

Musical styleHeavy Metal, Hard Rock
Additional infono PS but comes with insert
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Quite an archtypical US single is this rather rare one of the strangely named Duo STRANGLERS OF BÖMBAY from Miami/Florida. Archtypical because it's following the usual scheme of countless of these overpriced singles that gather a nice and a shitty track on the same record and therefore hardly justify the 100 $ that certain guys do spend for it just like they are buying a Bockwurst or bubble gum. The STRANGLERS did join forces with members of other local Miami Metal troops namely WOLFGANG (totally Metal) and VENGANCE to record 2 tracks and release this single privately. "Lonely women" is the good song here, quite rough fast paced typical local US Metal like known from many demos of that era, almost slightly bordering to early Power Metal, but not energetic enough to be called Power Metal in the end. Vocals are rather normal, with certain high pitched screams that let them sound kinda martial. But the disaster starts with the B-side sucker "The Rap" (sometimes already the songtitle does reveal what's to come). Uninspired Party Hard Rock with almost Boogie edge. I'm not sure wether it's a cover version (I hope so), but the info sheet clearly states "both tracks written ..." by the STRANGLERS. Let's hope for them it's their only song in this style, however it seems this 7" was their only vinyl. With such a B-side I'm not suprised seriously. Nevertheless for the heavy A-side it's quite listenable, but it's really a rare piece ...       

Lonely women
The Rap

Created / updated: 2014-06-23