Slugger: Good as gold!

Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infoGolden/yellow vinyl, one sided
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


A really obscure piece that I've never seen before released a band called SLUGGER from Pennsylvania with print on the neutral EP sleeve and yellow (which according to the album title might be golden) vinyl with all 4 songs being pressed only on 1 side while the flipside remains untouched. "Skin deep beauty" is the only track that appears "important" for Metal ears as it's a kinda pounding glammy Hard Rocker with those typical US guitars. Then and it's almost unbelievable the band turns into a Synthie Rock ensemble with the spacy just vocals, bass, drum and keyboards containing "Love me - need me - want me". "Bittersweet" ain't any better, a pure Pop/Rock song while "Can't believe you're for real" delivers at least Hard Rock inluences, but once again ugly funky Hard Rock that I can just say hands off that record whenalso it looks tempting indeed, you'll regret this purchase the same as I did!

Skin deep beauty
Love me - need me - want me
Can't believe you're for real

Created / updated: 2012-05-30