Shout: Finger on the trigger

Label/DistributionShout Enterprises
Musical styleMelodic Metal
Additional info
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


Quite fascinating to see (or hear) that there are indeed little Metal jewels out there that you never hear someone talking about. Are collectors just too fuckin ignorant buy the "cheap crap"? Here is an absolut Melodic Metal gem hailing from Bostom that you can find from time to time for about 9,99 $ at ebay (I've seen it going for a bit more too but patience is the key) and imo deserves to be mentioned much more often when it comes to independent/private US Metal records since the level of quality that these 5 guys delivered on "Finger on the trigger" is simply amazing. Not only the over the top singing frontman makes them standing out of the huge amount of US bands playing in the same style, but also their songwriting and the 2 highly ambitioned axeman that are able to put a tear of pleasure in my dusty eyes. Fans of heavier DOKKEN and RUNNER won't have an excuse to check them out, no they have to check them out! Alone for the Übersongs "Love is a drug" and "If it's love"! The main material is catchy midpaced, pounding stuff on highest level, but they are also able to play faster like on the heavier "Rip it up" or "Boys 'n' action". A record that must be part of every US Metal collection! I don't understand that they had to release this album at own costs! Incredible!!!

Bad girls
Love is a drug
No more lies
Where are you?
Rip it up
Boys 'n' action
Tonight you're mine
If it's love
Lady Ice

Created / updated: 2012-07-10