Scarlet Rayne: Theater humanitarian

Label/DistributionToe Jam
FormatCD, LP
Musical styleUS Metal
Additional infoOfficially rereleased in 2010 as CD and LP (coloured) with bonustracks. Limited to 1000 copies. Arkeyn Steel.
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Outstanding power metal album from USA. One of the most powerful of the white metal genre and definitely a top-10 of private CD-only releases. Unbelievable anthems like Alpha & omega, Scarlet rayne, C.F.C. or Sands of time make this review too weak to describe the greatness of this album. Music and vocals inspired by (old-no need to say this everytime) QUEENRYCHE but note that these guys played about a hundred times heavier than them. Absolutely necessary.

WOW! Killer brutality, mindblowing speed, original ideas, fantastic vocalist, perfect arrangements, mighty production and awesome artwork! Well, none of these can be found on this CD. Just kidding of course, but although THEATER HUMANITARIAN is not "the best" by almost any means it is still very enjoyable christian US power/heavy metal. First to say is that overall sound is not too impressive (yes, there are some indies with better sound). I mean, guitar mix is strange (sometimes guitar sounds perfectly clear and sometimes a little bit "muddy") so it takes some listening before you really get into it. Talking about songs there's nothing special to say except BRILLIANT! There are some really killer riffs here, just listen to "Alpha & Omega", "Tales of the Lost", "Scarlet Rayne", "C.F.C." etc. Also, choruses in "Covered Fear" and "C.F.C" are sooo good! Vocals are standard high pitched type but unique. The lyrics are intelegent, ok, they're about God and Jesus but never get pathetic and "cheesy". The only "weak" point here is production. It's not bad at all, it's just that it could be better. And one more thing, it's too bad the last song "Midnight Excursion" is only 43 seconds long because it has great speed metal riff and maybe it could be the best song on the album if they done it seriously. All in all, this is very good (and underrated) album and i know all of you "underground Power Metal fans" will enjoy it (as i did). Maybe if the the production is a little bit better then this would be Masterpiece. Anyway, PLAY IT LOUD!!! (Vladimir)

Wer auf alte Queensryche steht, kommt an Scarlet Rayne nicht vorbei! Ein Hammerteil ist "Theater Humanitarian" geworden, dass nur mal wieder kaum einer kennt. 1990 in Eigenregie auf CD erschienen bietet das Album auf acht Songs durchdachten, epischen Metal feinster Spielart wie ihn auch Queensryche nie besser hinbekommen haben. Leider blieb es bei dieser einen Scheibe.

Scarlet rayne
Alpha & omega
Tales of the lost
Covered fear
Sands of time
Through eyes of the past
Midnight excursion

Lost meaning
Lions den
How now

Created / updated: 2013-04-20
John Panagiotopoulos, Stefan Wille