Savino: Sexmentally assaulted

Musical styleHeavy Metal
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Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


You can mention SAVINO together with bands such as TEEZE or TUFF LUCK that basically are Glam Metallers but far too heavy acting for that genre. That 4-piece built around their vocalist Savino reminds me much more to a Power Metal band playing Glam Metal. In places they are VERY heavy and so is their sound, Metal as fuck! "Take-a-bath!" for example is purest Speed Metal, with an intensity that I seldomly (or let's better say never) heard on any Glam Metal album. There's just 1 pretty bad track which is the R'n'R number "Blitsed again" and the rest is good powerful guitar driven midtempo US Metal with Glam edge but of the kind that we all do enjoy and having a little screamer behind the micro! The whole sleeve looks private, everything (including the cover artwork) was self drawn or handwritten (back sleeve - looks messy!) while the label (TWAT Records and tapes) hasn't any address printed but instead Savino's address can be found there. Wouldn't suggest anyone to ignore that obscure record if you ever find a copy at all!

SMA Pt. 1
Fat chicks
16 years
In my sight
Lust Rock
Winter girlfriend
Blitsed again
Sex-Mentally-Assauled Pt. 2

Created / updated: 2011-01-17