Savage Thrust: Eat 'em Raw

Label/DistributionAvanzada Metalica (released only in Mexico)
Musical stylePower Metal
Additional infoInnersleeve
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


First of all ,I want you to know that this is a great true metal band, from New York, with their LP, released by a mexican label (Avanzada Metalica, label for Ramses, Gehenna, Legion Subterranea, etc), and i really dont know why, because the stuff these guys played is awsome true metal in the U.S.80s metal vein, maybe because when this record was done, was the start of the metal declination in U.S.A.(thanks to MTV and alternativ, THANKS METALLICA!!!!!). Threre is a compilation in U.S.with an great song from SAVAGE THRUST called "Crown of thorns" and the comp. is "Speed metal hell vol.II", they also have a self made single called "But soon revenge" this piece is really rare!!!! The music in this LP is speed metal with powerfull drumming in the style of Mortal Sin or "Feel The Fire" by Overkill!!! And the vocals are thrash type, with soaring parts close to King Diamond, very rare but great for the music!!! The last time some of this band was heard of was in 2000, when they did a reunion show in L'amours (N.Y.), and it was the only and last one!

1) Acid Bath
2) Speed Or Bleed
3) Madman Marz

1) Eat 'Em Raw
2) The Vice
3) Infected
4) Seed Of Demon

Created / updated: 2011-01-17