Salient: Tricks of the trade

Musical stylePower Metal
Additional infoRed Vinyl Testpressing without PS
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


Recently found this testpressing in Germany which was quite confusing because the band originally hails from California and all 4 trax appear on their debut demo as well. The label had a GEMA stamp and it says produced by "F. Denckert-Stechmann" which is a German name. Why was it pressed in Germany? For what reason? Initialized by a German label?? For those who don't know the demo, SALIENT do play solid ballsy Power Metal with slightly thrashy edge, especially on "Trolls", a rough instrumental number. I think the singer doesn't fit 100 % to their style and indeed as soon as he's starting singing his parts the power in places is urgently missed. On the other hand a song like "Never the less" is quite entertaining. Don't wanna mock too much, every US Power Metal specialist will like this without a question! I've googled a bit but didn't came across any matches and I myself never saw this EP before. Goat knows how much were pressed, if it's the usual amount of testpressings (5-10) then it must be one of the rarest pieces of steel in this galaxy (Did anyone ever dream about a record of a Metal band from Mars??) that even deserves a "6" as rating.

Tricks Of The Trade
Bring It Back
Never The Less

Created / updated: 2011-07-04