Runner: Falling hearts

Label/DistributionHee Jee
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoComes with insert
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


Yeah, the songtitles are pretty suspicious looking but fortunately this Chicago based band is an insider tip! Only released in South Korea on the same label as the BARRACUDA LP I bet this was (as well as the BARRACUDA album) formerly released in the late 80's on cassette only, at least it's typical 80's US Metal and melodic Power Metal sound caressing your ears not too far away from the sound of their city mates HAMMERON, DECOY PARIS or in places even early QUEENSRYCHE. What's a shame is simply that you don't hear anyone even mentioning RUNNER. How is that possible??? Especially since the record sells (or does not sell!!!) for 10-15 $ each time I see it offered. If this would have been a private pressing every US Metal collector would pay 100 $ after he's heard some tunes of "Falling hearts" but as "cheap" korean LP everyone hesitates to pay those 6,99 $! Incredible how "strange" people are acting ...

Broken love
So far away
As long as it's love
Say goodbye
Lead us back
We gotta be free
Falling hearts
Don't hold back

Created / updated: 2011-11-01