Ruffians: Same

FormatMini-LP, CD
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoOriginal pressing limited to 1000 copies Other pressings: Steamhammer 1986 (Germany) Whiplash Records 1986 (Belgium) Fems (Japan) DIFFERENT COVER! Hellion Records 2004 (Germany) lim. col. vinyl + bonustracks
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


A US Area metal treasure, from the Bay Area no less, but not the usual thrash / speed metal renowned from that metal stronghold & time period - this is pure straight up melodic power metal. A band formed by former LAAZ ROCKIT guitarist Craig Behrhorst and featuring the late great
vocalist Carl Albert (RIP) who later went onto legendry cult status with VILLAIN (recording that mega US vinyl rarity) & VICIOUS RUMOURS. All six tracks on this EP are melodic, classy and powerful, from the storming opener 'Fight For Your Life' and 'Run for Cover' with their fist held high choruses to the early QUEENSRYCHE stylings of 'Eyes Of Fire'. The quality level only drops moderately with the tad run of the mill 'Bad Boys Cut Lose' but it is closing track and mandatory power ballad 'You're All I Need' that shines as a near perfect example of how such a track can be executed - confidently measured guitar lines and Albert's exquisite vocal delivery soaring all the way to heaven and back again. This EP is a stunning legacy and shows the early beginnings of one of
metals most superb vocalists, who's time on this earth was way too short - Gone but not forgotten, a rare diamond waiting to be discovered by the discerning metal collector.

Fight For Your Life
Bad Boys Cut Loose
Run For Cover
Eyes Of Fire
You're All I Need

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Dave Harrison