Rosie The Bitch of Rock: Never say die

Musical styleHard Rock, Hair Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Not to be confused with the Ohio outfit ROSIE, this band with the strange name was hailing from the Boston or New Hampshire area. The label seems to be an Indie while vocalist and lead guitarist Hank Von Decken is looking like a Hollywood star! Damn, I swear he could be a double of Viggo Mortensen with long hair! Musically you can expect typical US Hard Rock with huge Hair Metal edge. It's an archtypical mix of both styles like so many indie bands at that time in the US did used to perform so we just should thank the fate that these guys didn't live in L.A. and the mini album has nothing in common with the L.A. style Hair Metal or worse! If you like that (mostly) pounding US Hair Metal stuff you definitely should watch out for the record. Due to Hank's voice there's a little comparison with RATT, but he actually had a voice, the RATT guy did not and Hank also looked better! "Never say die" can be purchased for around 20-30 $ nowadays and I guess everyone who want it can afford that. Good record, but I'd prefer if they'd have featured more Metal elements like on "To rock" or the fast "Hot head"!

Never say die
Queens day
One on one
Kick'n the dog
To rock
Hot head

Created / updated: 2013-06-30