Riff Raff: Same

Musical styleCrossover
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Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


If you think you're a real tough guy or girl then I really wanna see your reaction when you somewhere tied to a chair are forced to listen to these RIFF RAFF! Since it was the first time ever when I bought this MLP sealed from Dave T. Richards himself that I even saw or read about this one and asked a collector if he knows them and he was just able to answer that he's seen it only on a few want lists and knows that 1 german collector has degraded his huge collection with this piece of musicial garbage so it might be a little bit rarer. After you've heard it you'll immediately know why Uncle Dave did hide that record from us...muhaha...
Surely belongs to the worst Metal connected records that I own or have heard so far. I'd rather do a THRASH QUEEN 300 hours marathon than ever must hear the weird creations of RIFF RAFF again. What they did is simply not understandable for common mortals...take some Hard Rock, some Funk, some classic US Metal and even Power Metal hints with some cool proggy background and mix everything in one and the same song and then repeat the whole shit on each of the other trax! Cheesus! The only ok track is "Now I run the show" delivering the most (partly Power) Metal feeling of all these 5 horrible tracks as well as partly the opener "Blackboard jungle" shows some classic Metal hints but gets desecrated in such a crazy way I'd puke! Nobody is tough enough to "like" or even listen to RIFF RAFF...NOBODY! There's is not just one word enough to express what this record sounds like. If you take shitty, crappy, terrible, annoying, awful, deadful, atrocious, horrifying and cruel all together then it's just the half of what I'd like to say but can't find words coz I'm devastated...coz they show at special parts that they could play cool Metal if they'd only try! Stone 'em Centurio!

Blackboard jungle
Out of my dreams
Now I run the show
Hot livin'
Bad man

Created / updated: 2011-01-17