Revenge: Freedom of choice

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoLyric sheet included
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Thick cardboard, shitty cover artwork is telling us what? A private fukker!
Underground Metal act from Florida having 2 vocalists, a male and a female one, while naturally the female sung parts are not from this planet as usual. On the positive side is to say that Revenge are quite heavy acting, almost Power Metal like, often reminding me stylistically to Rumpel Metallers Black Virgin using a bit of Venom's "In league with Satan" (awesome raw guitar sound) and a slightly amateurish charme. What's unclear to me is why Lance Solak didn't use to be the one who sung on all tracks since his nasty and shrieky voice fits perfectly to their style in contrary to K. Chante, their female bassist. She might have been able to sing, but well her velvet girlie style voice is drastically reducing the heavy weight of the songs. Imagine "In league with Satan" sung by a teenager girl!! Horrible imagination! The same happened on the terrible Shelder LP!
If Lance "the screamer" would have done all vocals I'd be happy! Although I mentioned an "amateurish charme" you shouldn't take it too serious, just the whole sound picture of "Freedom of choice" appears so. His solos really prove his class. Anyways, as I said, those who like the Black Virgin LP need to get "Freedom of choice" as well! Cool album though...

Die Revenge ist eine recht zwiespältige Angelegenheit: die Produktion hat nur Demo-Niveau, die Songs an sich sind aber recht gut. Auf der ersten Seite wechseln die Vocals zwischen Lance Solak (weniger gut) und K. Chance, auf Seite zwei singt nur sie. Besser so, die Dame hatte eine angenehme Stimme, die auch zu den allesamt recht ruhigen Songs auf der B-Seite gut passt. Bis auf den Ausfall "Cruisin" und die dumpfe Produktion eine nette Scheibe, die für mich in jede gutsortierte US Sammlung gehört.

First blood
The wolves
Love me
Rock-N-Roll star
Crush on you
Love to call my own

Created / updated: 2011-03-23
Stefan Wille, Steven Cannon