Rapture: Apocalyptic horsemen

FormatCD, LP
Musical styleHard Rock, Heavy Metal
Additional infohttp://jerusalemrivers.net/ourHistory.html
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


This is another record that I could never find any trustful info about as most sources called it Rock music and others Heavy Rock. However the history of this band is quite interesting especially since they are basically a christian Gospel band that somehow had found a way to express their theories of lies with in places Power Metal tunes, that show similarities to certain DEVIL CHILDE trax, both in style and sound. But still no reason to get wet here, as the songwriting and especially the vocals are fairly average except of 1 or 2 trax whenalso the guitar solos do show that there's no bloody beginner handling the axe. The vocal parts are splitted in female and male parts but sadly none of both was blessed by god with something called a voice. The chick reminds me off the REVENGE ("Freedom of choice") lady and the guy isn't a vocalist either. The songspectrum includes everything from Hard Rock, Doom, Heavy and on the opener even Power Metal tunes which makes it hard to recommended "Apocalytic horsemen" to any special fanbase. Production comes ultra powerful (like a demo) but as I said above, the songwriting appears on certain trax absolutely silly. Still what remains is an obscure Metal record that's mainly interesting for White Metal and Indie records Metal collectors. I'd think twice to pay more than 20 $ for stuff like that. Please note, the CD edition is still available from the band but under their original name JERUSALEM RIVERS while the vinyl was released under the name of RAPTURE!

Never go back to Egypt
Apocalytic horsemen
Judgement day
Private eye surveillance
What about the price
Keep a knockin'
Calling out to you
The moon and the sun

Created / updated: 2012-04-19