Push: Til it hurtz

Label/DistributionJansco Music/Private
Musical styleHard Rock, Glam Rock
Additional infohttp://www.thepushband.com Has insert.
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


THE PUSH BAND (as they are refering on their website as their original name) might be a classic Glam Metal act like there has been thousands around back in the day in the US of A but they indeed kicked ass with their creations. Fans of the archtypical pounding squealing guitar laden Party Metal stuff won't get disappointed. "Shout at the devil" was prohably one of their fave albums I guess, but on the other hand they had 2 better guitarists and especially a better screamer than MÖTLEY CRÜE, that's for sure! The price differs as usual, you can find sealed 9,99 $ as well as 49,99 $ copies, so eyes open and better wait. This quite cool Poser Metal LP won't hurt anyone, but to own a copy isn't bad either, as you can play it anytime. Heads down and rock!

Ready to rock
Can't stop
Playin with fire
Midnite lady
Crazy luv
Rockin Rollers
Loosin night
Hungry eyes

Created / updated: 2012-07-10