Phernalia: Right to life

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoComes with lyric sheet
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


The songtitles won't give you much hope that "Right to life" could be listenable but in this case just thrust the cover artwork and you'll surely join the group of underground Metal fanatics who easily will enjoy this melodic Metal troop from New Jersey. Dirty demo sound is giving this album the right kick. Who knows how they'd sound with a Bob Rock production, surely would loose alot of energy but thankfully they didn't polish their songs that are basically all wrapped with an melodic touch but got an extremely rough guitar sound with in places outstanding solos and an absolutely astonishing vocalist who fits like a fist on an eye. Don't know which song's is the best but "Tormented memory" (a kinda ballad) for sure is a nice candidate. Or take the energetic midpaced pounding "Wake up", there's no crap song on the record. New feed for those who like melodic US Metal with alot guitar solos. Should be part of every US Metal collection...

Right to life
Tormented memory
Wake up
Kept me hangin' on
Pretty girl
Keep on rockin'

Created / updated: 2011-06-26