Pantera: I am the night

Label/DistributionMetal Magic
FormatLP, CD
Musical styleMelodic Metal
Additional infoCD-issue on Reborn Classics is a bootleg.
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Still rooted in the Melodic / Glam corner of the Metal universe, this album provides us with some really great tunes and even gets heavier than the previous one, showing some really speedy parts. "I am the night" starts with a killer riff, "Valhalla" is a pure headbanger and "Forever tonight" finishes the album with a really nice ballad. Except the senseless instrumental "D*G*T*T*M", I didn't find any fillers on the vinyl. The only tradeoff is the really poor production, but nevertheless, "I am the night" is an album really worth searching for!

1. Hot and Heavy
2. I Am the Night
3. Onward We Rock!
4. D*G*T*T*M
5. Daughters of the Queen
6. Down Below
7. Come-On Eyes
8. Right on the Edge
9. Valhalla
10. Forever Tonight

Created / updated: 2013-03-28
Stefan Wille