Northern Star: Slow down

Label/DistributionDead Pidgeon
Musical styleMelodic Metal, Hard Rock
Additional infocomes with insert
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Leightweight Melodic Metal or rather catchy Heavy Rock is what you'll find on this superb 2 tracker from the New York area. You can't make anything wrong by purchasing this obscure piece. "Slow down" is the heavier number of both with a nice galopping riff in the refrain part and tasty guitar solo, basically reminding me off heavier JOURNEY numbers during the poppy main part of the song and this includes the vocals as well. The B-side is more VAN HALEN influenced I guess and rather hardrockish but not exactly bad, bit more funkish in the beginning, but getting Metal with the solo part. The band had an album available released in 1985 which should contain both songs as well but I bet this one's a little bit softer than this excellent 7", although both are the same rare.

Slow down

Created / updated: 2011-12-25