Manikin Laff: same

Label/DistributionRed Light
Musical styleHard Rock, Heavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


This band with their strange band name was acting somewhere exactly between melodic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. What distinguishes them is the once again nice guitar work, although and this fact is most important here, MANIKIN LAFF are quite typical sounding for 1990. Besides classic 80's Metal tunes (like the good "Rubber room") you will find also "modern sounds", partly pretty unstraight and just hard rockin'. Best example is the track "Return to me". Fortunately there's a capable vocalist (almost too good for them) with rough yet melodic voice, so these 10 $ that the album will surely cost you aren't completely thrown out of the window. Due to the better, heavier B-side it's indeed buyable for completists.  


Fear no evil
Return to me
Hungry hearts
Rubber room
Electric street
Looking at you

Created / updated: 2012-03-09