Lezlie Thriller: same

Musical styleGlam Rock, Hard Rock
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


This is again one of such typical indie US Cock Rock albums that I hardly (and prohably never will) understand why it each time, unless you find a 19,99 $ buy-now auction, sells for 50 $ +. Usually if you ask around who's into Glam and Poser Rock there's almost noone who honestly stands up yelling "HERE, it's me who love that shit!". But each time that kind of stuff gets sold for good money. Not even that guitar sweetie Linda Bailey is a worthy substitute for their constant lack of heavyness and the fairly average songwriting. Whenalso their sound is more than archtypical L.A. stuff, LEZLIE THRILLER hailed from Wisconsin. And once again while their basic style was more Rock than Metal, the guitar solos are quite cool. If you want a heavier song to check out (which does not represent the entire album though) you may try "Borrowed time" or "My girls rock", but even these faster trax did contain those terrible R'n'R roots. If you're not a die-hard Poser, you better don't burn your finger on this album. A 7" with the mentioned 2 songs would have been more than enough!

Got to find a reason
Sucker for a pretty face
Borrowed time
Prisoners at ground zero
Song for her
My girls rock
Hot wheels

Created / updated: 2013-12-22