Legion: Legion of Deth

Musical styleUS Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


I do not know how much this sells for now, but with a rarity grading of 3, I guess it will be at least 20.- Euro? Is it worth it? Well, the first song reminds me of early VAN HALEN, then continues on in an uptempo mode coarse vocals dominate from a young singer, in fact the entire band seems to be teens, probably living out their dream on this twelver, the other 2 tracks are mediocre 80s Hard rock/Metal, little bit DOKKEN little bit PANDEMONIUM. It is not the best stuff I have heard nor is it the worst, however I would not spend a lot of money on this one. OVERLORDE "Same" I remember searching frantically for this one a few years back then finally securing a copy directly from the band as they had a couple copies left from people that did not pay for them having reserved copies. I recall the joy holding this sealed record in my hands, carefully pryin it open, inhaling the smell, speeding to the turntable, carefully placing it on getting the fucker started and man it hit me choppy Maiden power metal, raging vocals, razor sharp axe attack, the title track is by far my favorite and the chorus will stick forever in you metal brains, the second side is more killer stuff live tunes that make you want to go back in time and see them play these. Killer stuff here a fine example as why true US metal will always reign supreme. The covers are already up on the reviews section you have. Thanks again guys.

"Cleveland rocks, Metal rules!" steht auf dem Backcover. Erklärt vieles, wenn nicht alles. Legion kamen aus dem Mekka des US Metal, Cleveland, und haben uns eine wuchtige Mini hinterlassen, die kräftig nach vorn geht. Spätestens bei den Refrains muss man mitsingen oder bangen, je nach Belieben. Leider ist die Produktion recht dünn und den Bubis auf dem Cover würde man einen solchen Sound nicht zutrauen. Nicht abschrecken lassen, kaufen!

1) You Have To Pay
2) The Weak Must Die

1) Spoiled Rotten
2) Good-Bye

Created / updated: 2011-03-12
Eamon Oconnor, Stefan Wille