Knightmare: Evil dreams

Musical styleCrossover
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Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


This is an album I'll always remember it's low price of 4 € because the purchase of it made me the proud owner of the Commandment "Oriental maiden" 7" EP that was found in the sleeve, perhaps given as kinda gift/promo stuff by the label because Antithesis Records and Another Amethyst Song Records both belong to the Amethyst Record group. These KNIGHTMARE are the same who released the "Mindless mayhem" LP in 1987, another Punk Metal album and "Evil dreams" progresses this style. Yep, it's Punk Metal or Crossover, just how you want. But awesome Punk Metal, one of the best albums in that genre that I own or ever heard. Imagine a guitar dominated Power Metal band (try "Better off dead" & "Down to stay") trying to mix the typical US underground Thrash with punky Rock tunes that's mainly (faster) midtempo oriented with raw sound and dirty/nasty vokillz. I've even a band to compare at least the title track to, CARNAGE "Barbarian queen". Does anyone remember them? KNIGHTMARE's song isn't as fast as the CARNAGE track but similar in style and riffing. But thank goat they don't stagnate in the same style on the whole album, always offering new ideas, styles that are always executed in front of a punky Metal background. "Fear of death" - creeping Metal with doomy touch or "Power in my soul" a true Punk Metal hymn just like "Battle from within" with fantastic haunting refrains. KNIGHTMARE on this album are outstanding, you won't forget these highly entertaining tunes that easy I can promise. As I said, imagine a punky Power Metal band with Thrash sound/vocalist and that's what to expect! I love this record with it's blue cover and ultra thick cardboard that's easier to find in the Punk corner of the shops, which only fault is the thin low budget demo production.

Better off dead
Evil dreams
Fear of death
Power in my soul
Begin again
Down to stay
Battle from within
Mentally ill

Created / updated: 2011-01-17