Kilbourn: Underlying pressure

Musical styleThrash Metal
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I’m not a big fan of 90’s Thrash that mostly comes along with that horrible groove shit, forcing you to immediately put a sock over your heard and jumping around like a spastic incarnation of Vanilla Ice. Not quite sure why I bought this CD, but I guess the name KILBOURN had something to do with it. The label itself describes their style as in the vein of METALLICA, TESTAMENT, DEATH ANGEL, MEGADETH and such bands.. which seriously was the reason that I was hesitating 3 months to get that damn CD coz who really wants 90’s works of the mentioned bands? The only track on the whole Demo of this Chicago Thrash troop, which is actually their only Demo released back in 1992, that has minor 90’s groove parts in the beginning is Insolitude, but that soon is switching over to their usual power/thrashing Metal with several rude outbursts of pure Thrash madness but in the end mainly is tending to prefer the classic midpaced Power/Thrash that on Bad days has kinda James Hetfield memorial style vocals, but due to the excellent riffing and songwriting leaves an own footprint on the red carpet of the iron hall of fame. The style offered on Underlying Pressure is only comparable to WANTED’s track Forever Sleep, typical US stuff with piercing solos that imo should be tried by Power Metal lovers and also the whole Thrash crowd is obligated to give them a listen.

Bad days
In the middle
Live & learn
Die Yuppie die

Created / updated: 2011-01-17