Kat: Satan says

Musical styleThrash Metal
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Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


At the moment the rarity grading is out of order since The Great Kat has found a box with original "Satan says" 12" EP's recently and everyone can get his own copy factory sealed for 50 $ (plus 20 $ postage to Europe!!!). You might get problems while recieving your ordered copy with the local customs office (and better find an excuse to tell them a plausible fairytale them since if they'll behold the cover and the title you'll have to answer some funny questions as I've experienced myself) since the "feminist commando" refuses to write "gift - used record, value of 5$" on the customs sticker. While requesting just these few things they went totally nuts and immediately cancelled my order so I had to re-order my copy thru a different person but this way getting lower postage to Canada instead. If all copies are being sold it will be one of the most obscure US Thrash vinyls again that most collectors haven't even heard about (nor seen). You won't find it at old Metal books for example! Guess it was limited to 500 copies only and musicially you might expect a little more fucked up version of "Worship me or die". Lotsa senseless guitar shred mixed with underground Thrash that has a terrible poor production and even her voice has more of a naive schoolgirl. Kat fans will have to buy this expensive piece more or less due to "We will arise" that wasn't re-recorded on any later album! Believe me if this would be any LP that you can buy at any corner for 1 E you'd throw that 12" away! Has no musicial value.....

Satan says
Metal massacre
We will arise

Created / updated: 2011-01-17