Jim Jones and the Kool-Ade Kids: Trust me...

Label/DistributionBleeding Ear Music
FormatCD, LP
Musical styleCrossover, Thrash Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


If I wouldn't have found a rip of the CD re-release I'd prohably never bought this adorable record. The band name doesn't sound too promising and's more leading you in a Punk/HC direction. But to be serious Jim Jones and the Kool-Ade Kids I'd rather call the US american CELTIC FROST. I know I know that's pretty offending but it's the only description that can sum up their style. Like CELTIC FROST on their early EP's and on a more thrashier LSD trip with hints of DREAM DEATH (vocals) and WINTER, you know the US Doom/Deathsters on Nuclear Blast who sounded like HELLHAMMER on 28 rpm. And this fact makes the "Trust me..." LP even more adorable because if you haven't noticed yet, it was already published in 1986! No clue if they knew CELTIC FROST, but the influence is fuckin' HUGE. But instead of reading you may instead download the album from the www if you can't locate the vinyl. The CD was released in 1993 and featured several bonus trax in the same style.

Force of habit
Numbing process
Manufactured christ
Creeping brown deth
Society for creative pain
Victim of the prey
Last grave at Dimbaza
Attack position
Never enough

Created / updated: 2011-03-07