Inner Rage: Metal overload

Musical styleSpeed Metal
Additional infoSquare Shaped Flexi without PS
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


This Flexi originally came free with the "Your Flesh!" Magazine Nr. 12/1987, which was a kinda Indie/Noise Rock Mag and therefore I don't understand what INNER RAGE connected with it. I'm sure most of you do know what's to expect from New York underground bands? For those who don't, ripping Power/Speed Metal that will please everyone's taste. "Pain master" shows strong hints of THRUST ("Fist held high" THRUST I mean ...) on tracks like "Heavier than hell" etc ... due to the similar vocal style of the (prohably female) vocalist. Not 100 % sure though but somehow when he/she starts screaming he/she's something female in his/her voice. "Metal overload" is a different caliber, bad ass 666 % headbang compatible Speed Metal that will haunt you 4ever. Simply amazing Flexi with squealing guitars, screaming Metal Metal Metal all the time. Important piece of history! Just for the statistics, both songs do also appear on their demo (which I sadly don't have) so I'm sure they were taken from that tape.

Metal overload
Pain master

Created / updated: 2011-07-04