Hunter: same

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


This record is quite hard to explain because I absolutely don't know what to think about this album/band! There are passages that makes me thinking they are bloody amateurs but on the other hand other song parts seems to work fine like their secret hymn "Cry to the wind". Furthermore the album is devided by 2 sides (as everyone knows) but the B-side features weird songs that I only have one word for: CRAP! I'd even dare to say they cannot play and wonder why Landslyde Records signed them? But the A-side has some pretty listenable tracks that spread a nice Metal charm also caused by that rough production that makes the album sounding like a live recording or something. Prohably a bit too much echo effects, however I don't care as long as they play that Metal mean. A few guitar solos do sound like to be done the very first time ever and there's just one band coming to my mind that you all do know as everyone has their 7", CHINA WHITE ("Heavy Metal Thunder"). HUNTER do play in that same sloppy style with the same noisy basement sound. Still I wonder, could Landslyde Records be the US american Metal Enterprises Records? What reason for a record label should pick out such a band when there are unsigned local US heroes like CHALICE, VAMPIRELLA, TAROT or RAVEN PAYNE??? Don't spend too much, you'll regret for sure!

Player Piano
The forest
Cry to the wind
After math
Time of the season
On and on
Walk away
Before I die

Created / updated: 2012-04-19