Hazardous Waste: Lifes a hazard

Musical styleHeavy Metal
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0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


This album sadly hasn't much to do with the previous one "Half life" but in it's own way it's kinda cool sounding though. For some reason I'd say these recordings were done before the "Half life" stuff simply because I can't help myself but I think I can hear a slightly 70's touch here and there, so I'd say it must be pre-1985 recordings or when I'm wrong and these songs were recorded after "Half life" then the band has turned away from their heavier mid 80's style, concentrating more back to their roots. Doesn't really matters at all "Lifes a hazard" still keeps the iron flame burning thru the wildest storms and is pouring out the 80's Metal that we love. The whole style and this includes the raw guitar sound as well makes me thinking of a Doom Metal influenced classic Heavy Metal of guitar driven midpaced character and a vocalist who fits the best to the Doom Metal genre. One track I have to mention and that you NEED to check out yourself is the semi epic "Edge of time" offering a massive keyboard background that makes it sounding even more gloomy and reminds me partly to M.C. BLADE's outstanding "Step into the light". Better you check them out yourself. Can't say much about the booklet and CD this time coz due to the raised postage prices of CDBaby who wanted 10 $ I prefered to just get the MP3 files this time.

Lifes a Hazard
Nasty Habits
Surrender to Love
Down to the Bone
Edge of Time
You've Seen the Last of Me
Just to Late

Created / updated: 2011-01-17