Hazardous Waste: Half life

Label/DistributionHowling Moon
Musical styleHeavy Metal
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Rarity grading
0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


It's fantastic to find more and more unknown Metal bands daily in the www and here we go with another one. Didn't manage to win their 7"EP at ebay released in 1986 so I googled a bit and found this CD instead that contains the 7" ("Half life" & "Danger zone") plus some more recordings of that promising act. Judging by the magic flair that these songs do spread I'd swear they are from the same session like the EP trax, means 80's recordings except of "New bones" that delivers a different sound. "Half life" is a kinda ballad that has similarities to TESTAMENT's "The ballad" but being composed years before TESTAMENT wrote their song. Then the next coming 18 min you'll get the full power that US Metal can deliver. While listening to the galopping "Epidemious" I'd say Mark Shelton lend them his voice (HA!), unbelievable killer steel whatever song you take - the NWOBHM influenced "Crime", the speedy "Danger zone", "Iron Ruby" etc..., you won't feel dissappointed. The price is even ultra low but unfortunately the "booklet" is just 2 colour copied sheets and the CD seems to be a CDR (looks suspicious at least) so maybe you directly take the MP3's instead, saving the huge postage costs (raised???). But just don't ignore that cool band please!

Half Life
Danger Zone
Iron Ruby
Dyin to Live
New Bones

Created / updated: 2011-01-17