Harsh Reality: Grimm facts

Label/DistributionSkreamin' Skull
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


I've been asked several times and even though the cover artwork may reveal a Thrash record, this band has nothing in common with Thrash Metal at all. Just like the PIERCE LP released on the same label, HARSH REALITY do deal with both classic and also some Glam Metal although this band leaves a really morbid aftertaste on your ears. I don't know if I should call them Horror Metal or not, from my side I would do that without hesitating. Others might have a slightly different opinion, but however, it doesn't matters at all. The early KNIGHTMARE II feeling is surely there, but ways darker and much more guitar driven. Puh...just listen to "D.I.E." (Death is eternal), "Helen Back" (a quite funny double sense word game - "..to Hell...en back") and "Lipstick prayers", that track that surely made you puke the same as myself while reading it but nooo...it's the most gloomy track on the whole album! I see the whole Horror Metal insinuations confirmed while just watching that sick pic on the inner sleeve, a nacked lady hacked in pieces! Goat, that's exactly the stuff that I love in the Metal business! As long as they were that sick to use such a morbid pic and playing the Metal they do play they've caught a new fan with my person! Seriously those knowing the early KNIGHTMARE II stuff and enjoy it HAVE to try HARSH REALITY as well. And those into extremely guitar lead darker Metal too. Unfortunately there's a problem with this record Houston, otherwise it would be a top seller. The complete B side just contains mainly annoying Glam Metal with vocals (of a girl???) that "perfectly" fit to that style if you know what I mean! How is that possible, a band showing 2 faces??? Only "Deathmarch" confirms it's well chosen title! Truly a death march! Check this album out when you see a cheaper copy. To like at least the A-side isn't that problematic. An interesting band indeed...

Helen Bach
Lipstick prayers
Action attraction
Fast fire lady
Fistful of fire
Voltage cafe
Electric junkie
Children of the Rock

Created / updated: 2011-01-17